Sunday, August 12, 2012

Even the wealthy need mass transit

The image of mass transit as only for the working and middle classes is widespread.  Yet a recent web advertisement suggests that the wealthy need mass transit too.

I clicked through a web ad recently for the new, very expensive ($495/year membership) credit card called Visa Black Card.  The card offers all sorts of exclusive benefits to cardholders like access to VIP clubs in airports and 24/7 telephone Concierge Service that one would expect for such a high annual membership fee.  Then I looked at what the Concierge Service provided, and this one jumped off the page:

"Mass transportation information and schedules"

More surprising is that this service, described on the webpage linked to the ad, is promoted above car rental, hotel, and flight information.  Obviously, Visa's ad agency thinks their wealthy clients need mass transportation information far more than those other services.

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